Golf exercises for home

Historically physical fitness hasn’t been the focus for professional golfers but with the success of golfers like Rory McIlroy and Brooks Koepka many golfers are looking to the gym to help increase their yardage and accuracy. While some golfers who don’t workout can win a tournament, the golfers that are consistently placing in the top ten can be found in the gym regularly.

Strength, Mobility and Endurance are all key factors that can be improved with a consistent program.

Focusing on the core and glute muscles can help create the strength needed to smash the golf ball and extra 100 yards. Exercises like lunges, deadlifts and even hip exercises like “donkey hip drives” can help strengthen the lower half of the body.

Mobility is not just about flexibility, Yoga positions like bird dog pose and the chair twist pose are great to help prime your body for the positions needed to for a consistent swing.

Endurance can be increased by not only a consistent workout schedule but also diet. Cutting down on sugar can help reduce crashing and also increase mental clarity.

Here are few great videos to help ease your way into a better game through fitness.

Golf Excercises

Yoga for Golfers

Feeling strong and want to workout on your swing? Check out for GOLF TIP VIDEOS

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