Getting a Bikini Body

Whether you are getting ready for summer or a bikini contest getting that bikini body that you want requires working out and a healthy diet. Here are a few tips to get that body you want in the shortest amount of time.

1) Be Patient with your diet.

Rome wasn’t built in a day and neither will your body.  Find a diet that you can be consistent with for the rest of your life.  If your diet is too strict you may not be able to sustain it and quickly fall back into bad habits. Don’t be hard on yourself if you fail in the beginning. But also remember that diet is THE most important of any body transformation program. It is important to expect and push through the intense cravings your body will have when first starting your diet.

2) Don’t just workout in the gym.

HAVE FUN! Go for a walk or a hike.  Play a sport you are bad at.  Many people love to play basketball but are intimidated by the pickup games at some public courts. The good news is there are probably hundreds of empty courts in your city. Other fun activities can include riding a bike or playing frisbee. We love to Jump Rope!

3) Get good rest.

Your body needs to time to recover to build the muscle will give you the toned (or ripped) body you desire. chronic stress and elevate cortisol levels which will stimulate your appetite. Lack of sleep can also affect your willpower so make sleep a priority by creating a quiet and dark environment in your bedroom to help ensure a full nights sleep.  Exercise can also have a positive effect on how well you sleep through the night. 

4) Make a vision board

Printout inspiring quotes and photo’s of not only the bikini body that you want to achieve but also other small or large goals. A healthier life can not only help you achieve your short term goals but the discipline it takes to shape your body and apply to other parts of your life.

5) Enjoy the Bikini Body journey.

Last but not least: cherish the journey. Find joy in your small gains and even in the small set backs.  Many people overlook the satisfaction of actually finding a delicious new snack that you wouldn’t have normally tried. They forget the small weekly losses can ad up to huge losses over time. For example: 2 pounds a week is equal to 104 pounds for the year.

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