Back Muscles Workout

Yanita Yancheva – Back workout!

14. Nov, 2016

Here are some of Yanita's favorite back exercises!! ...

Back smash and abs with the West Twins

08. Nov, 2016

Happy hump day one and all 👊🏻😘 #humpday ...

Build strong back

10. Aug, 2014

Build strong back "Back Exercises"

Gym Workout Routine – Chest Back Exercises

30. Jun, 2014

Gym Workout Routine - Chest Back Exercises - Friday

Renegade Kick Back Exercise

29. Jun, 2014

How To Build Muscle: Renegade Kick Back Exercise

The Konstruction of Kaz

22. Jun, 2014


Back n’ Biceps

21. Jun, 2014

Back n' Biceps - 3 Day Weekly Workout Split

3 Point Dumbbell Row

09. Jun, 2014

Build Strong Back Muscle: 3 Point Dumbbell Row

Back Muscles Workout

02. Jun, 2014

3 Point Dumbbell Row is one of the best muscle building workouts

Best Home Back Dumbbell Exercises

15. May, 2014

Home Workout Routine - Best Back Dumbbell Exercises

How to perform T Bar Row

08. May, 2014

How to perform T Bar Row - Back Exercise Tutorial

Shredded Aesthetics Back Workout

17. Nov, 2013 Shredded Aesthetics Back Workout

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