Ultimate Booty Workout!


We come into this world as bare as can be. We come in as clean slate, with the most unconditionally loving heart & mind, & with an agenda to love ourselves to the fullest seeing ourselves in the best & purest of light, & therefore positively affecting others & the world around us, leaving a gracious mark wherever we go! How amazing to think about how valuable & important each & every one of us is! ✨🙏🏽👁This clear vision is what brought us here & placed us exactly where we were supposed to be. With every breath we take we begin to grow & fall into our daily life but somewhere along the way, as we encounter challenges, face compromising crossroads, & are exposed to all that comes along with being human, we begin to lose sight of what important. We stop listening to our intuition & our soul speaking to us. Our desires turn into "wants" & we stop nurturing ourselves & stop tuning into ourselves & what we actually "need". ✨The most unique part of us is that we can always put ourselves back in check! ✔️ We can shift our thinking & perception so that we are guided back to our true selves living a life that is always authentic! A condensed sequence of making this happen is to: 1. Shed your life of toxins that do not serve you well physically, emotionally, spiritually… This can be people, #food, drugs, material things, habits & obsessions. 2. Tune out the chatter at least once a day & begin to tune into YOU giving yourself the gift of silence & self reflection- maybe begin it as a writing technique & let it flow, maybe attempt a #meditation (many guided ones are available), or maybe just sit in the middle of #nature & try to be present to take it all in. 3. Begin the daily practice of learning to #LOVE & ACCEPT every part of yourself without judgment allow yourself to feel all emotions- #happy, sad, angry, or joyous… Be you as you move along on the #journey of life! So if you wish for a more peaceful, compassionate, loving, & sustainable world & life, then our own personal life has to reflect that! Thank you: 📸@ohrangutang @ohrangutangjungle💄 @cristinapilo ☀️🖐🏾@abronztail ❤️❤️❤️ #junglegirl#mindful#bikini#braids #transformation#mindbodyspirit #empower

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