Each of us has a battle that we face on a daily basis.
The demons that I face even in my mid fifties,
are some of the same demons I faced in my teenage years.
Some of the same demons I faced in elementary school still haunt me to this day.
Those very same demons motivated the fu*k out of me.
To this day if you want me to do something impossible.
Just tell me it can’t be done.
The more I hear you say it can’t be done.
The more I am determined to show you that you are wrong.
I can do anything.
Nothing is impossible.

Yea I am the looney motherfu*ker that talks to his biceps.
I am the looney motherfu*ker that commands sh*t to grow
I am that fu*king iron addict.
Am I really like that?
You god dammed right!
I AM really like that!

Before there was a youtube.
I was really like that.
This is what i do.
You may do something different.
Whatever you do, do it with all that you have.

Many of us have different reasons why we come to the gym.
Why we come in here and kill ourselves.
I came in as a release.

Sometimes you will hear my laughing in a very difficult set.
When the set gets hardest and the reps get at it’s hardest.
and it seems like the most stressful time during the workout you want to give up.
That’s when he busts out in a laugh.
On the fringe of insanity.
On the fringe of craziness.
On the brink of lunacy.
That’s my neighborhood.
That’s where I like to be, right on the point of no return.

Look “no” in the face, stare the motherfu*ker down and laugh!

This is my therapy, right in here.
This is where i get my self help from.
My psychologist is on the end of a 45 pound bar.
My psychotherapist is made of iron.

I know many of you are out there facing the same type of demons.
When nobody else believed that you can.
It only takes one person to believe that you can and that’s you!
Show them what you are made of.
Show them that you can.
Show them that you will.
Show them what you are made of.
If you believe you can.
It doesn’t matter what everybody else says.
It doesn’t matter how many tell you – you can’t.
If you believe strongly enough that you can.

fu*k them.

So when you are fighting your own battle within.
On the battlegrounds of your mind .
In this weight room in this weight game that we love so much.

You must arm yourself.
With weapons of mass destruction.

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