Women’s Workouts

Super Ab Workout

24. Jun, 2014

A few new variations to help you get that fit tummy.

Natalie Jill 5 Best Ab Exercises

21. Jun, 2014

5 Best Ab Exercises with Natalie Jill!

Alyse Scaffidi Ab Workout

21. Jun, 2014

Alyse Scaffidi Ab Workout: Part One

Bikini Abs Routine

15. Jun, 2014

Bikini Abs Routine! BIKINI SERIES

Flat Stomach Fat Melter!

13. Jun, 2014

Cassey Ho with a great fat melting workout!

Sexy Stomach Workout

13. Jun, 2014

Vicky Justiz demonstrates killer ab workouts.

Bikini Abs Workouts

07. Jun, 2014


Scissor Sit-Ups

05. Jun, 2014

4 Minutes to Flat Abs & Toned Thighs with the Scissor Sit-Up

Ab Workout Part 2

05. Jun, 2014

Alyse Scaffidi - Ab Workout Part 2 Decline Plate Sit-Ups: 15 reps for ...

Simple Quick Girls Bikini Ab Workout

03. Jun, 2014

Simple Quick Girls Bikini Ab Workout

4 Killer Ab Workouts for a Sexy Core

31. May, 2014

SIX PACK ABS Workout for WOMEN - 4 Killer Ab Exercises for ...

5 Minute Bikini Abs Workout

27. May, 2014

A 5 Minute Bikini Abs Workout you can do on the beach.


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