Weight Loss

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01. Apr, 2017

Kris Gethin's Tips for Fat Loss and Workout

How Jade Joselyn got lean.

01. Apr, 2017


Sapna Vyas Patel youtube

01. Apr, 2017

50 Easy Ways to Lose Weight

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01. Apr, 2017

Plain Roti or Ghee Roti: Which is Better for Weight Loss?

sapna vyas patel before

01. Apr, 2017

Sapna remembers how she stayed motivated to lose wight that it REALLY ...

7 Super Drinks That Help You Lose Weight

01. Apr, 2017

Sapna Vyas Patel discuss alternates to drinking Coke.

1 Weird Trick for Fast Weight Loss

01. Apr, 2017

Sapna Vyas's nerdy friend explains negative calorie foods as a great diet ...

4 Quick Tips to Get Flat Belly

01. Apr, 2017

how to break weight loss the plateau Sapna Vyas.

Bikini Season Weight Loss

29. Jun, 2014

Bikini Series, Slimdown & MORE!



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