Ido’s Squat Routine 2.0

09. Sep, 2017

Great video from Ido Portal!

Squatting properly with Dr. Andreo Spina

15. Jul, 2017

Dr. Andreo Spina (aka Dr. Dre) is the founder of the Functional ...

Kinstretch™ launch at Nike World Headquarters

15. Jul, 2017

On February 20-21, 2016 the inaugural KINSTRETCH™ Instructor certification will be taking ...

Align your joints and touch your toes

01. Apr, 2017

Flexibility: Stop forcing the stretch-Align your joints and touch your toes for ...

Physical Therapy Tip: Touch Your Toes

01. Apr, 2017

Train Boston's Physical Therapist, Kevin Wagner goes over the toe touch exercise.

Tips to touch your toes.

01. Apr, 2017

Do You Have To Stretch Your Hamstrings To Touch Your Toes?

Warm Up and Mobility Science Explained

01. Apr, 2017

Jeff Nippard uses 7 studies to explain the importance of warming up.

5 Minute Mobility & Stretch Routine

11. Mar, 2017

Do These 5 Exercises Every Morning - 5 Minute Mobility & Stretch ...

Adam’s 12 Mobility Demos

16. Jan, 2017

Adam Schafer's Hip & Shoulder Mobility Tutorial.

Joe DeFranco’s flexibility routine

20. Feb, 2016

Joe DeFranco's "Limber 11" (flexibility routine)

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