Pullups vs Chinups: The BIG Differences!!

15. Jul, 2017

Maximize your benefits from both exercises with one program!

How to Do More Pullups INSTANTLY! (Pull Up Technique)

15. Jul, 2017

Get more out of your pull ups!

Pull Up Problems (SOLVED!)

15. Jul, 2017

How can I stop swaying in pullups?

#1 Exercise To Get Your Pull Ups Stronger – (Build Wide Back)

15. Jul, 2017

Get your pullups on point!

3 Important Exercises You Must Try

15. Jul, 2017

quantity vs quality

Don Akim Height and Weight

13. Nov, 2016

The awesome bodybuilder Don Akim's 6 foot 1" tall and he ...

The “500 Rep” Bodyweight Workout!

03. Jan, 2016

The "500 Rep" Bodyweight Workout from Barstarzz

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