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OPERATION BOOTY #5MonthDifference I post my full Booty workouts for free on my YouTube channel! Link is in bio. – The photo on the left was from my first show in November where I placed 5th. I learned so much from my first show. I wasn't doing it for a trophy I was doing it for me. To test my willpower and dedication. I made a ton of mistakes during the prep as well as on stage and that's totally fine because I was able to achieve the best shape my body had ever been in. When the judges called my number in first call outs I thought "Crap….I didn't practice this part." I wasn't expecting any call outs so I was very thankful to bring home a trophy from my first show! – The photo on the right was this last Saturday at the NPC Championship where I placed 1st in my class and 1st overall.😳 #MindBlown My glutes have developed quite a bit since my first show. I've been working them 2x a week. I felt so much more confident both physically and mentally…and I didn't have to bend over as much to show my glutes. 😜 – Competing in the NPC is so much fun. It's the experience that I love most. Getting ready with the girls, hearing everyone's weight loss stories, how they have overcame health issues, seeing how beautiful each girl looks, talking about epic cheat meals, seeing everyone's bikinis, cheering for each other backstage. It's the positive vibes. ✌🏽️

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Look in the mirror. That's your competition. 👊🏽 #SorryMom – Posing practice tonight. #Buffbunny

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