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CT Fletcher talks about dedication truly means.

I’m the man that’s known as the man that talks to his biceps and a lot of you muthafu*ka’s think I’m crazy.

I have a personal 32 year relationship with iron.

I have conversations with iron!

I breath iron!

I inhale iron!

I have iron oozing from my pores!

I drink it!

I eat iron!

Iron is my life’s blood!

My last competition was the greatest bench press in America! My doctors gathered around in a circle and they told me ,” CT you know that the shape that your heart is in, if you compete it could give out. The strain could be too much! It could give out on you in any second! You could die right there on the bench press! ”

That thought of dying on the bench press in the biggest competition ever, that turned me on!

Fu*k yes I am going to be in that competition! And if I die, hell that is glorious!

I felt like a warrior! I might die on the battlefield? Yes! What a glorious death that would be!

Is that insane?

Yea hahah it’s insane!

But that is the obsession that I have with that I love!

I love this muthafu*ka named Iron!

Stack your dedication…your obsession…your desire up against that! Then you tell me how dedicated and how much you want it.

You decide: Is CT Fletcher a mad man or genius? Is he both?


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